Backcross Labradoodles

These puppies are bred by crossing a first cross miniature Labradoodle with an unrelated Poodle.

The first cross Labradoodle mothers are bred from Miniature Poodles and these girls are usually crossed with a Standard X Toy Poodle male so in effect there are four different breeds in the mix. This maximises heterosis while at the same time maintaining the poodle influence on the coat.

Backcross puppies rarely shed hair and if they do shed it is only slight shedding. Their coats can be quite poodle like, long curly and soft as puppies becoming coarser as they grow older. Some pups have shorter fine shaggy coats.

The woollier dogs usually need clipping although some have been kept long with regular monthly visits to the groomer and a bit of judicious trimming around the eyes and the bottom.

We breed these dogs for people who would like a dog with more certainty in their coat type. They do usually look more poodle like than the first cross dogs but if their coat is clipped evenly they will not be mistaken for poodles.

They are usually knee high dogs similar in size to the Miniature Labradoodles only with a lighter frame. Occasionally we join back to Mini or Toy Poodles in which case they will grow into small dogs – no larger than a beagle.


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