Binnie and Linnie

Binnie in the foreground and Linnie behind. Inseparable Golden Retriever X Labrador sisters.

Binnie in the foreground and Linnie behind. Inseparable Golden Retriever X Labrador sisters.



Binnie and Linnie are Golden X Labrador Retrievers. They were born on the 10/1/10 and are due to retire in 2017. They already have their retirement home with Tracey a neighbour who fell in love with them when she was working with us.

They are the daughters of Ginny who was a large gentle Labrador and the only seriously cross eyed dog I have ever met. The girls and their puppies haven’t inherited this rather endearing trait, but Binnie and Linnie have thrown very much to their Labrador mother in conformation and show little sign of their Golden Retriever heritage.

Both their parents were hip scored and had better than average hips for their respective breeds and the girls have been genetically screened and found to have no commonly occuring single gene defects. All our dogs have had eye screening by a specialist.


Daisy the Golden Labradoodle - born in July 2013

Daisy the Golden Labradoodle – born in July 2013




Their puppies are similar to F1 Labradoodles except that about half of them have non shedding coats – compared with only about 20% in the straight labradoodles.

Lots of people prefer a low maintenance shaggy dog like Binnie’s pup Daisy on the left here. Daisy started out with a very smooths coat and went through some pretty strange hair changes but is now a typical gold shaggy dog from central casting. She’s a lovely, calm sensible little dog and is going to be a great addition to our breeding program in 2015


Here is Zipper – one of Daisy’s brothers:

Zipper cole 1 “Our Zipper is now six months old and he is a delight…….he wants to please, is clever and extremely affectionate and in almost all respects like our late dog Pauli, who was a super dog. We all adore him but he is very much a mummy’s boy and rarely leaves my side. he has been the darling at the school amongst the huge pack of cavoodles, everybody seems to think him the cutest, ………. he does shed, just like Pauli, but what are vacuums for?”




This is Louis – one of Linnie’s woolly non shedding puppies at 10 weeks and again at 6  Months and finally at a year old. As you can see from the comments – Louis is having a very good life!

louis bray

Louis at 10 weeks

louis bray10 months

Louis at 6 months








“His daily joy is the park where he wrestles and runs with dogs of all sizes. His favourite is Buffy the Lagotto. They are well matched in size and weight but bigger dogs do not deter him. He plays with a Weimaraner who outruns him and knocks him about and Louis regularly comes back for more. But before playing he does the rounds of the people for a pat. A very social dog with his peers and humans.  He learns very quickly and is eager to please. Disapproval is devastating. He loves children and is very gentle with small ones.  Someone said that he hasn’t a nasty bone in his body and I am sure this is true. ”

Louis 13 months old and just groomed. Looking a bit pretty and fur like suede.

Louis 13 months old and just groomed.
Looking a bit pretty and fur like suede.


Monty Gutschier

Monty. One of Binnie’s boys at 6 months.

“Monty is the best dog in the world – we love him. He is very clever, loyal, well behaved and quite mature, considering his age.

His coat has changed a lot since he’s been with us. It is getting more and more shaggy, and he is shedding a small amount. Nothing to worry about, and we like that he is very low maintenance.

He weighs in at 12.5kg at 6 months, and he is a nice small/medium sized dog. He’s still has a bit of growing to do, the vet thinks that he might reach 15kg. We’ll keep you posted…..

Thank you for this wonderful dog – he is a much loved addition to our family.”

Here is Chloe at 8 weeks and 12 months. Her owner (a photographer) says “Chloe is developing into the most wonderful dog.”

chloe taylor 2

Chloe’s 1st Birthday

puppy chloe talyor 2 1

Chloe, Linnie’s puppy, on arrival at 8 weeks old.