The Cavadors

Chippy, with one of my daughter’s friends.

Our first litter of Koolie Cavadors were born in October 2017, after we crossed our Labrador Cherry and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blaze (who has a touch of Koolie Sheep dog). For some reason, both the girls were kept ended up being named after junk food: Chip and Lolly.

Lolly, hanging out with Arthur.

Chippy and Lolly were both spectacular looking puppies, and they’ve grown into lovely, athletic dogs who are about the size of a small kelpie. Given their wild coat markings (they carry the dominant Merle gene from their Koolie ancestor) no-one ever has any idea what their breeding is – but now you know!

I’ve joined these girls to George our chocolate nosed poodle, to make some crazy-coloured but calm-tempered Cavadoodles. Half their puppies are “double long hair”, which we need to make a non-shedding puppy when they are crossed with a poodle. The other half will be shaggy dogs like the old style Labradoodles – like Finn and Freda who are their half sisters.

Chip has chocolate or gold puppies and Lolly has chocolate, gold and black puppies, and half of which are chocolate and black puppies are spotty like their mums.

Cherry and Blaze have retired now, but before they went we had one last litter of Cavadors – because they are so beautiful and we love them – so now we have Choc and Coco joining our pack.  Choc is our solid Chocolate Cavador – one of very few in the world because Cavaliers don’t usually carry chocolate and ……. never mind it’s all too confusing I know, but they are very rare (and very beautiful)!  Coco looks just like Chippy ……. except for one bright blue eye!

Did I mention that any of the puppies from Chip, Lolly and eventually Choc could have one or even two blue eyes because….. It’s OK I wont start again on that.