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Cherry is our only remaining purebred labrador. She is a lovely dog – calm and gentle. We didn’t breed her and unfortunately she wasn’t very well socialised as a puppy and so is very shy with strangers

and visitors will mostly not get to meet her up close – she usually stands back and barks. In her first litter she and Pete, our chocolate toy poodle, had 11 lovely  puppies and we kept two –   Finn and Freda who are delightful little dogs. You can see them on their own page in this drop down tab.

Cherry is 5 years old now and it is time for her to retire. We are looking for the right home for her.  She will be free and will be desexed. She is microchipped and fully vaccinated, has passed an eye examination and has been DNA tested and has no detectable single gene defects. As  a puppy she had a “cherry eye” which was surgically corrected but she still has a small harmless swelling in the corner of her right eye

I would like her to have another dog for company, in a rural or semi urban environment and with a new owner who will understand that she has come from a very routine world with few surprises. At first she will be very shy, upset and disorientated and will need several weeks to settle and months to develop confidence in a new place. she may never be a really confident friendly dog because of her lack of early socialisation.