Daisy, Scruffy and Betty

Daisy Nov 13

Daisy was born here in O’Connell on the 15/7/13 and is due for retirement in mid 2020.  She is the Daughter of Binnie and our brown nosed (double chocolate – so Daisy “carries” chocolate) gold Toy Poodle Bart. She is a dear little dog – but not everyone will think she’s beautiful as she has the strangest scruffy coat I have ever seen.

Her coat hasn’t changed much since that video was taken – she still grows long hair down the middle of her back which sheds very easily. She is however a lovely dog – very sensible and calm as a puppy and she has great puppies. Here are some from her first litter with Louie:


The last puppy is the boy who will be a “shedder”

There’s a video of him below so you’ll see what I mean about the puppies being relaxed – and how we assess shedding.

Scruffy is her full sister, she was the smallest in the litter and has grown into a beautiful non shedding cream coloured dog. She lives with a family in Oberon.  Here she is with her first litter (and her friend Moo moo the wombat)

scruffy and moomoo2

Betty is Scruffy and Daisy’s half sister and cousin (same father, mothers were sisters). A similar size, and non shedding like Scruffy, Betty lives down the road with our good friends Marcus and Margie who absolutely love having Betty’s puppies (to the point where they have decided to become a 3 dog family and adopted Frankie).  Here she is with her second litter of puppies with Rufous

1 day old 13.12.15

Here are some pictures of the puppies from these girls – all very similar (except for Daisy’s shedders – about half her puppies do shed)

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.36.58 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.39.19 AMmika 2Red girl Willow Jobsom




Here’s the video of Daisy’s shedding boy – not a problem – he found a lovely home!