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finn jan 2014Finn

Finn and Freda are F1 Labradoodles bred from Cherry the chocolate Labrador and Pete a small chocolate Toy Poodle. They were born on 11/8/12 and will be looking for new homes in 2019. They are very similar, although Finn’s coat doesn’t shed – both extremely fit, friendly and very athletic little dogs.

They grew up with us here at O’Connell where they loved to roam the country side searching for rabbits. They have adapted happily to their adult life in the kennels (free roaming not being an option for rural dogs – especially given that our neighbours have ewes with lambs) and will make fabulous pets when they retire from breeding

They are both very affectionate, obedient  little dogs (except when on a rabbit scent) and produce beautiful non and low shedding “Backcross Labradoodle” puppies.

freda 1

Here are some of their puppies:

Toto – a black ball of fluff (it’s almost impossible to photograph black dogs)

Toto Cowley11.2.14

Milly – a rare gold puppy.

Mili McCorkill

And Max – living the high life shortly after his arrival in Singapore.

 max loiterton