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Lily has retired and now lives not far away with her daughter Emmie and a lovely family with two beautiful girls. She’s loving her new life


Lily is a groodle – daughter of Neville and Sophy – born on the 31/8/13 and so not due for retirement until 2018. You can see Neville here but Sophy, who was Daphne’s sister, and a lovely girl, was tragically killed by a snake in late 2013.Lily full wool

Lily LOVES everyone – she is energetic and enthusiastic about life. To temper this enthusiasm we join Lily to Louie (Latin Groodles?) and her first litter of seven puppies were lovely and all appeared to be non shedding, as we expected.

This is Maya who is now living with the family who owned Wally, the first labradoodle we ever bred.

Tanner Maya

And this is Ella who appears to have settled in well in her new home.

mifsud ella

I took the photo of Lily above just before her first hair cut.  Here are some follow up photos of the day: Alex on the clippers in our surgery and the end result!


People often ask about grooming their dog ……. this is the easy approach – all off twice a year.  I think you can make your mind up on grooming depending on how much you are prepared to spend and how often.

But please – don’t do this to them!

how not to clip your dog!Or if you do don’t tell anyone you got your dog from me!