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This is a (hopefully) complete list of our dogs – if not then I’m working on it!

Our female dogs are retired at the end of their 5th year and the males either retire at that age or will live out their lives with us. We offer retired dogs free to the right home and you will see in their file when each dog is due for retirement.

Anyone interested in a retired dog is welcome to get in touch and we can discuss whether they would be suitable. Our dogs have a happy life here – running in large pens with their mates during the day and kenneled at night – but this life doesnt necessarily fit them for family life in a busy urban environment.  I usually prefer retired dogs, especially the larger girls, to find homes in the country. But many dogs have made the transition to suburban living – often finding homes with one of their puppies.

The transition to a family environment can be challenging for the dogs and for their potential owners – they do not understand the “manners” required for living in a family environment – which is why we say the “right” home.  They have been living in  a very routine environment which has no traffic, few small children, and not many strangers.  Their new owners must understand the challenges they are likely to face.  Patricia McConnell has written an excellent book on this subject called “Love Has No Age Limit – Welcoming an adopted dog into your home” and I will provide this book for people before they decide to adopt one of our dogs.

This book is also one I would strongly recommend for anyone thinking of adopting a rescue dog from a shelter or pound.