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As noted in my earlier post, the F1 Groodles I’ve been breeding since the early 2000s have proved themselves to be extremely good-natured, healthy and low to non-shedding companions. The only downside is they’re a little large for some homes. So, with the aim of making some “minigroodles”, I’ve started breeding what I’m calling “miniretrievers”.

Our first mini-retriever, Maggie, was born in May 2015 to Ralph the Cavalier and Daphne the pedigreed Golden Retriever. My daughters – who’ve met their fair share of cute puppies over the years – fell instantly in love with her calm, inquisitive personality and her doe-eyed look.

Maggie as an absurdly cute puppy.

She lived with them for a while in Sydney, before they decided that three dogs was too many for a small inner-city terrace – and reluctantly drove her back to the farm.

Maggie with Ridgey and Brown in Glebe.

Fortunately she’s equally happy with doggy company, and is now enjoying a relaxed life with her younger sisters – Maisie,  Violet and Marley.

Maggie with her little sisters, and our pet Ridgey.

Maggie’s other sister, Frankie, also lives down the road at our neighbour’s house.

Frankie and Lou Lou, resting after a long day of being flower girls.

In late 2015, Maggie was also joined by Poppy, Hazel and Ginger. These girls have got a slightly different heritage – they 1/4 Labrador Retriever, 1/4 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. But I’m still calling them “mini-retrievers” because they’re very similar in terms of temperament, size and appearance (i.e. they look and act like shrunken Golden Retrievers).

They are just gorgeous dogs, and will make absolutely wonderful pets when they retire (Maggie and Frankie won’t be going anywhere, but I imagine the others will be snapped up in seconds).

Poppy, Hazel and Ginger