Molly, Bridget and Iris

Iris Molly and Bridget are three sisters. They are basically medium sized poodles but their dad was Louie so they are 1/4 Lagotto Romagnola. They were born on 27/1/14 and will be with us until 2021. We will use these girls in our Cavoodle breeding program with Blaze and his son Ralph. both these boys carry merle and so some of their puppies are most unusually coloured – not what one would normally expect in a cavoodle!

bridget in full wool

bridget post clip










This is Bridget, the smallest of the three girls, and weighing in at about 9 kg. The photos are  before and after her first hair cut (impossible to photograph fluffy black dogs).She is a calm sensible and intelligent dog, showing the influence of Louie in her breeding.




This is Molly – she has turned quite silver with black ears – presumably colours from her 1/4 Lagotto heritage. Again a lovely calm sensible dog who shows more of her Lagotto ancestry in her broader head and sturdier build.




Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 9.46.50 AM





And this is Iris – probably my favourite dog in the kennel (although I try not to have favourites). She is super calm and super bright – she was always the one leading the pack when they were young and began to free range after rabbits, and she was the first to work out how to get out when I tried to curtail her adventures. She is taller than her sisters and beautifully proportioned – she looks like a standard poodle only smaller -about Kelpie sized.   She was a rich dark chocolate when she was a puppy but has silvered a bit and has developed glorious blond tips (probably a serious show ring fault but I love them!)



These are her babies with Rufous. They are future breeders we hope – but at the time of writing they are just cute little grubs; blind and deaf but full of potential!


This Video is of  Lucy  – a puppy from Molly’s first litter. You can see that our cavoodles are a bit bigger than most – and that at least this one is very good with children. Because they have less Toy or Mini Poodle I expect them to be more laid back than some Cavoodles are reputed to be and the touch of Koolie Sheepdog in our Cavalier line probably helps (with the Poodle) to make them just a tad smarter.

Here are some of these girls puppies Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.32.17 AM Zoe Holden

Ursula mcG clippedpennell EmmieUrsula mcG clipped