Neville2Vale Neville

Neville was a Moyen Poodle from Wendy our long retired Chocolate Standard Poodle and Cedric, a gold Mini X Toy Poodle who carried Chocolate. He was a calm, sensible, intelligent medium sized dog  with a gold coat and a brown nose.  He was Kelpie sized and carried the genes bb yy – he couldn’t make black pigment anywhere (bb) and made yellow pigment in his hair (yy). This means we could use him to breed gold and chocolate puppies. It took me many years of planning to breed Neville and he was a great dog.

Unfortunately in March 2016, at the age of 12, having never has a sick day in his life, Neville suddenly developed convulsions which increased in severity over several days in spite of intensive treatment. Diagnosing either  a brain tumour or a resistant brain infection I sadly put him to sleep.

Thank you Neville for being such a lovely dog and such a great sire of so many wonderful puppies.