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Rose is a Golden Retreiver X Labrador and became be part of our golden Labradoodle breeding program in 2015.

We bought her from a large breeder and at first we thought she was  just super placid

Rose the Golden Retreiver X Labrador - aged 9 weeks
Rose the Golden Retreiver X Labrador – aged 9 weeks

“She’s a funny dog – with an old head on young shoulders, both physically and mentally. As a puppy her face looked like the face of a 15 year old – slightly droopy and grizzled, she’s quiet and gentle (when she’s not roughhousing with the other pups) and likes people but prefers to hang out with the dogs. She behaves the way everyone (who hasn’t seen ‘Marley and Me’) likes to believe a labrador behaves …. but they don’t ususally behave that way until they are about 4 years old!  She’s got the perfect temperament to combine with the fizzy small poodles”

She grew into a beautiful dog – with a short smooth coat like a lab but lanky – more like a golden retriever.

As time went by we realised she was very shy – probably  from lack of early socialisation but possibly also genetic.  She had 2 litters of puppies and they were all lovely dogs but Rose became increasing uncomfortable with strangers and we decided that she would be happier as a pet – and she is!