Rufous and his puppy Kipper, looking out over Pride Rock


This video is my usual standard of very ordinary – you might hear my daughter Lizzy promising to make a video with music…. didn’t happen!

Starting with one of  the younger members of our kennel – this is Rufous, a Toy X Miniature red male Poodle (Playing with Little Brown, Annelie’s Goldendoodle- neither little nor Brown, although he was once).

I didn’t breed Rufous but he is everything I love in poodles, plus he has a gorgeous red coat. He’s smart and exceptionally loyal. He is quick to learn, confident (unless the cow that he’s chasing turns around on him), not yappy or snappy and loves playing with the other pups.

He decided after a week that I am his person and he follows me everywhere – occasionally nudging my leg to remind me that he’s there but otherwise just tagging along.  I haven’t had “my dog” for many years – we have family dogs who are equally happy with anyone – but it looks as if Rufous is now my dog. It is very gratifying but he’s an entire male and if he decided to scent mark inside the house he may be in for a rude shock.

Rufous aged 10 weeks - after a very bad hair cut

Rufous aged 10 weeks – after a very bad hair cut