Shedding – by “breed”

After 20 years of breeding, and with the help of many owners who have taken the time to fill out my survey, I can now report with confidence about the shedding in my dogs. I didn’t want to frighten people off by putting the first cross dogs at the top of the page but if you scroll down you will see why I don’t breed many F1 Labradoodles these days! They are gorgeous dogs and the temperament data supports my feeling that they are as close to “bomb proof” as one can get – but shedding is a problem.

I’ve included the question on owner satisfaction because the “seriously disappointed”owners reflect our failure in the past to accurately advise people on what shedding to expect in their dog.  You’ll note that even though 40% of F1 dogs shed “a lot” or “horrendously” only 5% of people were “seriously disappointed” so we haven’t done too bad a job of predicting coat type in these dogs.

The least likely to shed are the Backcross Labradoodles:

Shedding in Backcross labradoodles

Shedding in Backcross labradoodles

backcross satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with Shedding in Backcross labradoodles

Three people were seriously disappointed which probably reflects a higher expectation on non shedding combined with a failure on our part to accurately predict the coat type.

They were followed closely by the F1 Goldendoodle/Groodles:

goldendoodles 42 dogs

Shedding in F1 Goldendoodles – 42 dogs

goldendoodles satisfaction

F1 Goldendoodle/Groodles – owners satisfaction

  Then come the Golden Labradoodles:

golden labradoodles 53 dogs

Shedding in Golden Labradoodles

golden labradoodles satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with Golden Labradoodles

Once again we failed to predict accurately causing serious disappointment in 3 cases.

Oh dear – last come my much loved but regrettably hairy F1 labradoodles:

f1 shedding 171 dogs

F1 Labradoodles – only about 40% non – low shedding

f1 satisfaction

But Owner Satisfaction isn’t so bad – they were warned!

And just in case you are wondering why on earth I kept breeding F1 Labradoodles given these results – remember that my first priority is temperament. When I started “shedding” wasn’t even on my list of breeding objectives. Times have changed and most of you reading this will want a non-shedding dog which is why I have adapted my breeding program accordingly  however 90% of people, who own an F1 and filled out the survey, report to be very satisfied with their dogs behaviour – not perfect but it confirms my view that this breed combination produces dogs with great temperaments. F1 satisfaction As a post script the one “very dissatisfied” F1 owner trains his dogs for agility competitions – his comment was: “extremely loveable and one of the most loyal and loving dogs I’ve ever met, but he is dumb!” So he is not the right dog for him but not really a total failure……..