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This is a rough visual guide to the sizes of our dogs. in all cases females are usually but not always at the smaller end of the range

  1. Groodles. These dogs range from 43-63 cm at the shoulder and 15 – 30 Kg in weight. it’s a big range but most are around 18-24 Kg
  2. Minigroodles. These are my “kelpie/cattledog sized” dogs. The majority are around 43-52 cm at the shoulder and 13- 20 kg in weight however about 20% of the boys are over 20Kg
  3. Cavoodles. These range from  35-52 cm at the shoulder and 8-15kg in weight, so they are potentially a lot bigger than most cavoodles you will be familiar with. We don’t breed Toy Cavoodles.