The boys

These three poodles are our new young grandsons of our amazing Louie.   

         MAX                                           REX                                                             GEORGE

Max and Rex are brothers. Their mother is Iris, (Louie’s daughter) and their father is my shadow, Rufous, a red Miniature X Toy Poodle .

George is one of Iris’ sister Bridget’s puppies by Neville a “moyen poodle” (Standard X Toy).

Bridget and Iris’ Mother was a “moyen poodle”, Lola. Lola’s parents were Pete a tiny chocolate toy and Wendy a standard Poodle ……. they were both pedigreed dogs but without papers so I can’t go back any further than that! So these boys a a mix of Mini, Toy and Standard poodle with 1/8th Lagotto Romangolo as well.

All very confusing but in summary they have lots of genetic diversity but are very similar in size (around 14kg) and they are unmistakably poodles. They look and act more like standard poodles than Toys or Minis. They are sensible, relaxed, athletic, intelligent dogs and don’t yap – or bark much at all.

George has a brown nose, which is a sign that he is carrying two copies of the Chocolate gene. This means that he will breed chocolate puppies if he is bred to a girl carrying chocolate – so we will be breeding chocolate puppies with him down the track.