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Meet Poppy, Hazel and Ginger, born on the 8th of December 2015.  And again grown up. that’s Poppy in the middle and Hazel and Ginger below.

These girls are MiniRetrievers but unlike Maggie and her sisters they are 1/4 Labrador Retriever, 1/4 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. You can read more about them below all the cute photos.



Hazel’s puppies are now six month sold and the feedback at six months has been lovely to read.  Hazel’s puppies were bred with Rufous my red Mini X Toy poodle. They are lovely, feisty, trainable little puppies and pleasingly are either non or very low shedding so far.

This is Ciccio at 6 weeks and 6 months.

And this is what his owners have said about him:

“He weighs in at just on ten kilos,he’s very active but also very relaxed.

He is extremely sociable and answers to his name.

His coat is wonderful and easy to manage.

He is due for a trim,there is very little shedding at all.

Behaviour wise he has his moments,as a pup we would expect that.

No major issues that I can worry about, he has brought a lot of happiness to our family.”


Then we have Archie:

“Archie now weighs 7.4 kg and he is a bundle of joy. He knows every owner and every dog in the dog park and they all think he is adorable.

He is very affectionate and loves sitting on my lap.  The only thing I would change is that he wants to play with my cat who is 20 and is not so keen.

I am really happy with Archie and love him to bits

He doesn’t shed at all. Thanks again for my lovely dog”



“She is lovely. A beautiful, smart, happy dog. She never stops wagging her tail and gets on well with adults, kids and dogs of all shapes and sizes. We call her the cheerleader as she’s totally perky and jumping about with joy all the time.  She loves people SO much that she gets a little overexcited but otherwise she’s perfect.

We have two other puppies in the neighbourhood and they have puppy play dates most days so she is very content by the end of the day and sleeps well.  Don’t know how much she weighs – maybe 8? Kg?   She doesn’t seem to shed at all, just a little hair ball occasionally in a corner. Her coat is a bit scrappy, lots of spindly flyaway bits”


“As for Milo, he is currently about 5.5 kg, not sure how much more growth he will have?

Shedding is minimal, at first nothing but in the last few weeks there has been really small amounts on the carpet after brushing.  Doesn’t bother us at all.  Everyone I meet comments on his beautiful coat and the breed question always leads to some interesting conversations!  

I would say he’s not as laid back as a Cavoodle (compared to our old dog anyway and from what I see of other cavoodles) and he has plenty of energy but I think that makes him more interesting.”


“We are totally infatuated with our puppy Rufus…..Every once in blue moon he tries a “rockstar” growl when kids try to pick him up but it’s basically stopped. he gets a sharp tap on the nose. Seems to have worked. 

Other than that his temperament is perfect. He is an extremely social dog and thanks to your advice is very well socialised. He’s very good at settling at home and, for a puppy, doesn’t come and harass us much at all. His hearing of commands is very acute if we carry cabana. He doesn’t really like being tied up outside shops or to be left in the car.  He weighs 10 kg and does a small bit of light shedding.  If we brush him we come with up with a small amount of hair in the brush but there is none lying around the house.”

“No behavioural issues although he loves to chew like all puppies!  He’s very needy and loves, loves, loves company.  He doesn’t like to miss out on anything but he’s part of our family so he gets to sleep inside and decides which bed at night he will sleep in. 😊  When we take him to off leash areas he loves to play with other dogs although is still learning the signs of when they have had enough.

He doesn’t shed.  We adore him.  He’s the most beautiful dog ever.  

He completes our family and it’s like we’ve always had him.”

And finally Peggy:

Clever, cheeky, loves people and other dogs. At 12 weeks quite happily played with an adult border collie. Quite obstinate but we are dealing with that and we win 98 percent of the time. The nose is growing so she has more of a poodle profile. A lovely girl.

She is 8kg and about 330cm at shoulder height.   She is very furry, like a walking yeti, but virtually no shedding. A little fluff with the daily comb. I think when trimmed in a couple of weeks that will go. She is a seriously bright little dog with a delightful nature. Still full of puppy cheek but no behavioural issues.  The only query I have is with teeth. Still appears to have puppy teeth and a couple seem to have doubles. Perhaps puppy teeth yet to go? ” (Fortunately Peggy shed her teeth a couple of weeks later!)

Poppy has just had a litter of puppies with Louie – they look just like Louie’s puppies with Maggie.  Here are some of their baby photos:

Who are these girls?

These little girls are “Composites” and combine three of the best known family pets together to produce a small Retriever type. More importantly they have been bred for temperament before type.  They are Binnie’s daughters.  Binnie and Linnie (now retired and living with our neighbour Tracey)  are lovely gentle Labrador X Golden Retrievers whose mother Ginny was a favourite many years ago. These girls were wonderful, gentle, placid dogs and bred great puppies over the years – but half of their puppies shed hair. My goal now is to breed only low or non shedding dogs.

I know now that most long haired dogs will reliably produce low or non shedding dogs if bred to a poodle coated dog and so I decided to join Binnie on her last season to Ralph, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and to keep any females who had long hair (two copies of the recessive gene l)

Binnie’s puppies were gorgeous – here are videos of two of the short haired puppies (Ll genes)  in their new homes ( Kelly23019 ,  2852.MOV ). Poppy Ginger and Hazel have lovely sweet affectionate temperaments and they will make wonderful pets when they retire from breeding at around 5 years old.

Hazel had our first litter of MiniGroodles (or Golden Cavadooodles if you prefer)  in February 2017. Nine beautiful little red puppies with Rufous. Rufous is a Toy X Mini Poodle so these puppies were quite small but were not at all vocal (yappy) the way some of Rufous’  backcross labradoodles have been, and they were confident, sweet little puppies – and most of them looked to be low or non shedding.