The Golden Retrievers

We now have four beautiful young Golden Retrievers. These girls have all been DNA tested and have had eye and hip exams and have been found satisfactory for breeding

These are the sisters Hillary and Oriel born on the 12th of August 2016




That’s Oriel (the little sister) on the left and Hillary is on the left





We bred Hillary and Oriel from Daphne and Wally.
Daphne has been rehomed now and Wally is a much loved family pet who lives down the road from us. He is a son of our gorgeous Stella who we also bred and who was tragically killed by a snake.  They are energetic, athletic and very sweet natured girls who will reach breeding age in 2018.











And these two sisters are Honey (left) and Lass (right) (DOB 26/3/16). They were bred in a pet home in Victoria. the first picture is them as babies waiting patiently to come inside on a wintery morning.

Their father was a pedigreed dog and mum was a much loved pet. They are both typical sweet, gentle golden retrievers. Honey and Lass had their first litters of Groodle (or Goldendoodle) puppies with Louie in October 2016 and I will post photos of their babies as they grow.