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Welcome to the Kate’s Family Pets waiting list. This list is designed to come up with a fair system in the face of a gratifying problem of overwhelming demand. The waiting lists went beserk during the covid shutdown and without knowing who is still really waiting for a puppy we cant be sure when we will have a puppy available – but realistically we hope to have a puppy for you within 6 – 9 months.

You should have received a detailed email about my dogs so please do read that and follow the links about the puppies we breed. Be clear about the different crosses and contact us if you are in any doubt about which list you should be on.

We will email everyone on the lists each month reminding you that you are on our list and giving you the opportunity to unsubscribe.

When your name comes up  we’ll email you to advise that we have a puppy for you.

Please make sure that emails from are marked as NOT SPAM.

You must reply if you would like to reserve a puppy or if you would like a puppy but aren’t ready yet. If we don’t hear from you we will assume you have made other arrangements and will take you off the list..

To confirm we will ask for a 10% deposit and once all the puppies are confirmed you can come and visit and choose your puppy in person before they are 4 weeks old. At 4 weeks I will send out photos and description of the remaining puppies for people unable to visit.

I know this seems very automated but you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions. Hopefully we will have a puppy for you soon.

Kind regards,

You can choose one or multiple waiting lists below and if you wish to receive regular updates feel free to also select the bottom option to join our newsletter.