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Wally the first Miniature Labradoodle

Wally the first Miniature Labradoodle

On the 1st of July 1994 Snowy, a White male Toy poodle, and a Black Labrador called Holly gave birth to Wally and Polly and we became the first people in the world to deliberately breed Miniature Labradoodles. I discuss how I came to this decision on the page why labradoodles.

I breed dogs for temperament and health and take advantage of “hybrid vigour” (a well recognised phenomenon in animal breeding) to maximise the genetic diversity  in my dogs (see Inbreeding and Crossbreeding)

I am not interested in developing a new breed as many Labradoodle breeders aim to do.  In spite of some apparent controversy in the purebred Labradoodle world, “Pedigreed” Labradoodles will no doubt one day be “recognised” as a breed. If you are interested in a “Multigeneration” Labradoodles  I recommend the goldendoodle website for an excellent independent introduction to reputable breeders and you can search the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders  web site for Full Members who are audited annually by an independent veterinarian.

For many years I bred only gold F1 miniature labradoodles, but while I believe that there is something special about the temperament and intelligence of First Cross (F1) Labradoodles I have gradually moved away from Labradoodles because most of these shed hair.

To achieve a non shedding Labradoodle I, and many other breeders, have bred “Backcross Labradoodles” which are 3/4 Poodle. These are lovely dogs but they usually have curly coats like a poodle, they may have hairy ear canals like a poodle and some can be a bit highly strung – especially if small poodles are used in the mix.

The poodle crosses which are reliably non/low shedding in the first cross are Cavoodles – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X and Groodles (or in the US and UK Goldendoodles)- Golden Retriever crosses and this explains the popularity of these dogs. The genetics of shedding are complex but the majority of long haired dogs, when crossed with a purebred poodle, will be non or low shedding.

My goal is to breed medium sized dogs with suitable temperament for family pets and with no or minimal shedding. We have used Golden Retrievers to breed medium sized Goldendoodles and have crossed Golden Retrievers with our Labradors to use as mothers of Golden Labradoodles which combine the 3 breeds. We also breed some Cavoodles using our “Moyen Poodles” so that our Cavoodles are small/medium sized dogs low- non shedding dogs. Pictures and descriptions of all the dogs will be found in What I Breed

In Early 2017 we bred our first litter of what we are calling MiniGroodles and these will be the main puppies we breed in future. These pups are bred from mothers who are 1/2 Retriever and 1/2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These are beautiful dogs in their own right and we will breed a couple of litters of this cross each year for people who love Golden Retrievers but want a smaller dog. You can see these girls on my web site HERE and HERE

Our pups are all sold desexed and if you want to read more about this refer to the page on early desexing.

Puppies, like people, are partly a product of their genes and partly a product of their environment. To grow up into happy well adjusted dogs, pups must be socialised properly. Our pups undergo Early Neural Stimulation for their first 3 weeks and are carefully socialised up to 8 weeks. They come with a manual which gives an introduction to understanding dog behaviour, instructions on how to deal with house training and an introduction to dog training and preventing behaviour problems.

Before you read any more about my dogs you might like to read the page I have prepared on choosing a dog. I have tried to present advice on the issues you need to consider before taking on a new family member who is likely to be with you for 14 years.

Because of the interest in Labradoodles from allergy sufferers I have prepared a page giving as much information on allergies as I can on my dogs with some links to sites discussing allergies to dogs. We have carried out several surveys and have clealy espablished that allergenicity IS related to hair shedding.

If you wish to communicate with owners of our dogs then you are welcome to visit the forum I set up for owners to talk to each other, or you can upload photos and stories on the blog page.

If you like what you see on our site and are interested in ordering a pup or you wish to obtain current information on cost, delivery details and availability please visit the enquiry page.

Because not all dogs suit all situations we give a 50% refund of the purchase price if the pup is returned within 6 months for any reason. We will rehome your dog or help you to find a home for him if you can’t keep him for any reason.

Thank you for visiting our site – I hope you enjoy it and that, even if you decide against one of my puppies, I have helped your thinking about dog ownership.


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