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Grooming has become a growth industry with the rise in poodle cross-breds, and is now something of an art form.

It seems that the Asian fashion industry might have a lot to answer for here, as weirdly groomed “cute” haircuts are all the rage in Japan and China – and in the UK groomers are now advertising “Asian Fusion Grooming”

Some ‘creative groomers’ will even transform your poodle-cross into an entirely different animal.

Or two!

If you think these dogs look cute then you probably aren’t going to want to buy a dog from me…. because I think it’s an appalling thing to do to any sentient being!

The less extreme but very common clip for any “Oodle ‘ is this one:

(This photo is courtesy of Briony’s Grooming Salon. I think their web site is great. They clearly show you what clipper blade lengths they have and the extensions you can use. Gave a look before you go to your groomer – or go to them if you live near Wollombi!)

This haircut shaves the top of the nose which exaggerates the length of the nose and leaves the whiskers and ears long which makes him look more spaniel like with a large head. Depending on the type of coat, it can go from looking like this to this…

….to looking like this to this!

The proportions of your very well proportioned dog will be distorted, and the puppy you know and love will be almost unrecognisable.

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