The Golden Cavadors (Binnie’s Babies)

Meet Poppy, Hazel and Ginger, born on the 8th of December 2015

and some photos of them growing up (with the mini Goldens)

And here they are now –  from right to left is Poppy, Ginger and Hazel.

All have had their first season and so will be ready to breed in 2017

Why Golden Cavadors? (for heaven sake!)

These girls are the result of perhaps a more emotional than rational decision.  I bred Binnie on her last litter to our Cavalier Ralph….. because I love Binnie and Linnie (now retired and living with our neighbour Tracey) and their mother Ginny was a favourite many years ago. The rational part was that these girls were wonderful, gentle, placid dogs and bred great puppies over the years and, being half Golden Retriever, I knew that some of Binnie’s puppies would have long hair (necessary for breeding to poodles to get non shedding puppies).  I was lucky and got three long haired girls.

Binnie had some short haired puppies too – to give you an idea of the temperament of these dogs here are videos of two of her short haired puppies in their new homes Kelly23019     2852.MOV . I am definitely not disappointed with these girls – they are lovely, smart dogs – a cross breeders answer to the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  (similar sized water loving dogs but not quite so inbred).

Hazel had our first litter of “Cavadoodles” in February 2017. Nine beautiful red puppies with Rufous. These puppies were quite small but were not vocal (yappy) and were confident, sweet little dogs. So far the reports from their owners have been very encouraging and I think they will grow in to wonderful pets. I will post more photos when the are a bit older but this four of them at 6 weeks: